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Want to grow your business with data?

We know how hard it is. Without data engineering expertise, data scattered across different systems, and a lack of time, it is tough to get the insights you need to make the right decisions.

Shortage of data skills

There is a lack of data professionals with the right skills and experience. The ones that are available are expensive.

Complex data models

Data is very often hidden in complex data models that are hard to understand and use. This makes it difficult to find the right data to answer a business question.

Long waiting times

It takes time to specify requirements, submit a request to the data team, and wait for the results.

Unreliable results

The results are not always reliable and require validation. It's almost impossible to trace back the data lineage to understand how the results were generated.

The easiest way to answer your questions

Query datasets using natural language in a chat-like interface. Compare results and choose the output that best fits your data story. Use threads to dig deeper into the topic.

Understand where the results come from

Inspect the traces to understand how the AI generated the results. See the data lineage and the data quality metrics to be able to actually rely on the results.

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Integrate with a variety of platforms

Clarwise can connect to the most popular data sources and destinations. We are constantly adding new integrations

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Clarwise is currently in beta release and we are excited to offer all of our features for free! We believe in providing our users with a seamless experience without any added costs


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our product

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